Branching out

Well, ladies, gentlemen, and persons of each and every gender, it gives me the greatest pleasure to announce that I have just launched a page on Because, you know, I’m so prolific here that my little sludge bucket of words is simply overflowing. 

Anyway, my page on Patreon is largely devoted to fiction writing, as opposed to the travel writing/curmudgeonly grumbling that I very occasionally do here. I plan to publish a novel chapter by chapter, as well as short stories. If you love fantasy, Celtic mythology and the shameless stretching of Scottish history, all muddled together with a zesty queer twist, Our Lady of Winter could be the novel you’ve been waiting for…Why not give it a whirl? From just $1 per month you can access these chapters and support my writing (and my ego). From time to time, I will also be publishing blog posts and musings on writing while working full time, folklore and anything else that pops into the dusty old haunted house I call a functioning brain.

Our Lady of Winter

“I am the butterflies in your stomach and the breath that raises the hairs on the back of your neck. Often, I am simply the bearer of bad news”.

When Gwen Kennedy receives a message in a bottle informing her that she is going to lose the love of her life, she is not best pleased. Her husband is in Macedonia, fighting in the Great War, and her best friend is a nurse, patching up wounded soldiers God knows where. Faced with seemingly inevitable loss, Gwen refuses to accept her future and takes it upon herself to change her fate and save her husband. But is she just making matters worse?

What is going on? Who…or what…is Caillie? And why, oh, why, can’t Gwen get out of this bloody rowing boat?

As Gwen attempts to navigate the ever-changing currents of time and chance, the threads of mythology and reality start to fray, and she realises that life and love are far darker and more complicated than they seem.


Want to find out more?  Simply search “Ally Kersel” on or seek out my facebook page (also Ally Kersel, @theprodigalteuchter) for updates.